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Adam Lambert: “It” Boy!!

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Mark and Mercedes from Mix 104.1 in Las Vegas interviewed Adam Lambert July 30th! Here’s the link:

This next one was posted on AO- Adam in Switzerland:

And it looks like our BB is the subject of a new episode of  E: True Hollywood Story! Check this out from San Diego (courtesy of sexynarwhal on Twitpic):

Mustthinkagain on Twitpic has some incredible shots of Adam and the band from Adam’s San Diego concert on July 30th (including the one above). Find them here:

Here’s a podcast of an interview on 104.3 San Diego:

If you can’t get enough of Adam’s Glam Nation tour videos, go to for more of the latest!!!

And finally, a “shy” pic of Adam hanging out with his friends on his day off!!




We Love You, Dusty Madrid!!!

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Adam Lambert continued his Glam Nation tour moving west to Boise, Seattle and Portland the week of July 19th! He took time to do a couple of radio interviews. I don’t know about you, but listening to these interviews always calms me.

The first, on Star 101.5 in Seattle, find pics and audio here: Love the fact that in his apartment before Idol he didn’t have a dishwasher (not so sure he’ll be doin’ dishes any time soon, anyway)!! The second, hysterical, on Kiss 106.1, Adam revealed that he went attempted going incognito by purchasing a cheap wig and his tour mates started calling him Dusty Madrid! I think it fits, don’t you??  Can’t wait for a picture of that!

Here’s one more from 93.1 Boise:

And if you’re an Adam fan, you more than likely saw the AWESOME Lee Cherry pics on ET yesterday! Here’s the link just in case you didn’t catch them:

A behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot on YouTube:

Here’s a link to some videos from Boise courtesy of AINow:

Remember last Halloween when Adam sang to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club at Party City’s Halloween Bash? Well, the video FINALLY came out!

And I leave you with some of Adam’s “Favourite Things” (besides ice cream, of course!) from a mag in the UK: