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Adam Lambert Hand Massage!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , , , , on May 10, 2010 by Claudia

Before we get to the hand massage, here is new information about Adam’s If I Had You video shoot (and some new concert dates) from MJ: 

Now, Adam Lambert appeared on Live From Studio Five in London on May 10th. He got a lovely hand massage throughout the interview (until he asked the masseuse for his hand back!). Here is a recorded UStream (thanks, lambosessed!): . And a YouTube version here:

Good luck winning the glove (email “Adam Lambert Competition” in the subject line to studio@fivetv )!

A behind the scenes video of Adam’s preparations before his concert at G.A.Y. surfaced today on YouTube:

Adam Lambert Obsession‘s wrote a wonderful review with video about her night with Adam at Heaven in London:

Speaking of Heaven, hey, Adam’s doin’ my job for me!! He tweeted the following for fans’ viewing pleasure (Ninni, WickedHeadRush and FORYOURENTERTAINMENT- you must be thrilled!!): So great to share the stage with my dancers and band!Expanded family!”… Here’s Fever. Brings me so much joy to have my friends onstage w me!”… WWFM on Finland’s Xfactor”…

“Unplugged in Amsterdam:

He’s obviously getting a kick out of watching himself on YouTube!

In other news, here’s a scan of an article about Adam from the Australian magazine “Famous” 




Adam Lambert: To London And Beyond!!

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Adam Lambert completed his whirlwind tour of Europe in London. He appeared at Attitude Magazine’s American prom-themed party held at the May Fair Hotel on Wednesday (May 5). Don’t ya just love the skull peeking out from his belt (so strategically placed!!) in the pic above?

Read more: and at

You can find TONS of pics of Adam in London courtesy of Ninni here:

Leighbaby posted a blog recap of her experience seeing Adam Lambert on the Jonathan Ross show: Here’s another recap from a fan when she saw Adam at Stockmann Department Store in Finland, by AnneMarie, (LOTS of great pics here!!):

I gotta show my husband this next one from Blog Critics Culture. This would be the perfect gift for me on Mother’s Day! (I want one, I want one!!):

This next video from Video Hits on Ten Australia was done way back at the beginning of March the day after Mardi Gras, but just surfaced on YouTube. The man never fails to make me smile!

Adam on The After Show:

Pics of Monte’s picks:

And Adam in the news:,



Illusion, Escape, Joy!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , , , , on May 5, 2010 by Claudia Inside Switzerland interviewed Adam Lambert on May 4th. Adorable!

Go here for some great pics from the interview:

I love this next post from Adam Official Unofficial…a compilation of reviews of FYE from the UK:

Celebrity had some candid pictures of Adam in leaving the Mayfair Hotel in London today, May 5th:

More from Getty Images UK (sorry about the long URL!):–999577733ujudTif33_8_XGZkAWz2zkrayZ4hgKrIHz9-fB8_In7dfLn9-ZNf49f4NX6PX_dskV3kvyb9-pj-_xtls2yRltliktftrznCxxsf0-DXTOqqal9mdbZofm397NfC_3d38Ovvbtr_ZvjnN6L__3rvXl83p-8MjF_T-5vfzc7Nr7-m_g5wv3Z2PrU4mT_wf_T5a-5wj4vWvel-_3WocWm_sH_hvV-X_qgXFmz456-P5rv469fjzycWRudvfu08hGL_ZCg7Fsp5B4r7m1-rQyj2T4ayZ6HUHSjub6JMbl76NfGHmRIm0y5–w1N298Y_4BwRJN8ZT79NYO_fu180thvzB9M7Nzh4P3-a-Wuuff7r92sVvZz_GFw_K3si5dT96L7_depao9V7F_81ST3vzJ_4fm1Z1dL8_uvaf74dfD_Zu2NJ_jr184zh4H_B_2-8r-wf_y6TQAt_PPXfvfsuZsI-sN-kdUebt4fv1EzrVb5k_VyVnpEDD41AH8ccB7s3Mfvvw7x0No2D_6i-XcS4f_x673Ir_Km1R__DzlK-TASBAAA&rid=98708108&rcat=Event&rt=GBR%3A%20Celebrity%20Sightings%20In%20London%20-%20May%2005%2C%202010

Adam Official posted a video of Adam in Germany (chocolate bunny- yum!):

Looking forward to seeing the vids of Adam on Wossy (the Jonathan Ross Show UK) real soon!



Adam Lambert=Heaven!!

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Adam Lambert performed at London’s Heaven Monday, April 26th! Check it out!!!

Go here and and (best!) for more videos!

Entertainment Focus wrote a review of the show:–-monday-26th-april-2010-–-heaven.  Another review from The Music Fix has some gorgeous pictures:

LOTS of fabulous photos from the evening (the pic above taken from this set):

More pictures on Facebook:, from GlamCalam on Twitpic: and from MaiaJ:



Adam Lambert At G.A.Y. London!

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Adam Lambert performed a benefit concert at G.A.Y. in London, April 25th. Proceeds from the show went to Amnesty International (Adam reportedly donated £5000)!  Singing to a wild crowd, he wore a three-piece suit, silver tie, sported pompadour hair and rhinestones around his eyes. He said of his look: “Vegas threw up on me”! The set list included Fever, Down the Rabbit Hole, Strut, Whataya Want From Me, If I Had You and For Your Entertainment. A few videos surfaced on YouTube this morning. Here are the best of the crop so far (from Zanzibar):

Check out for more videos from the show!

More pictures like the one above at:

MJ has some great pics here:

Lots of watermarked pics from Getty Images here:

Some fan pictures from GlamCalam: and from Dorado_Strange:



Adam Lambert Goes International!!

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LOTS of interviews from Adam Lambert’s international PR tour are surfacing  March 31st. His tour ends in Sweden today. I’m sure Adam’s exhausted, and probably a bit happy he’ll be going home. Here’s the latest:

First, from Scotland, Adam is interviewed by Clyde 102.5. Courtesy of YouTube- this is pretty hysterical!

From Sweden’s NRJ YouTube :

Also from Sweden, an interview from “The Voice”

From 95.8 Capital FM Rich and Kat in London (after they took Adam Bowling where he looked quite hhhhottt I might add):

And from SWR3 Munich (one of the infamous German interviews!!) from YouTube’s TheCarrotFTW:

Wow, a fabulous live performance on that one!!



Lambert Does London- Part 2

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , , on March 28, 2010 by Claudia

There was a YouTube frenzy of Adam Lambert interviews from London in the past 24 hours. Here are some of them:

First, Adam talks to Dean Piper of the Sunday Mirror:

From Open House Party:

From News Of the World:

Adam’s off to beautiful Germany today, March 28th. Auf Wiedersehen, UK and Guten Tag, Deutschland!!!