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The Reviews Are In: Adam Lambert on GlamericanIdol!

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People Magazine

Adam Lambert appeared as mentor on American Idol Tuesday, April 13 and man, did he knock it out of the park! Honest, constructive, unfiltered, magnificently Elvis-ified, Lambert told ’em like it was, and gave the current Idol contestants the verbal spankin’ they all so deserved. Virtually every news outlet praised Adam for his on-spot critiques and advice.

The media response to Adam’s appearance on American Idol last night has been massive! So get comfortable, GlamFans. Sit back, relax, grab a cuppa whatever, and enjoy the #GlamericanIdol news wave as it washes over us!!!

Hilarious commentary from MTV’s Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever: More hijinks from MTV’s Jim Cantiello (this one had me laughing so hard at the park other moms were looking at me like I was insane!):

From the always lovely Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo Music: Here’s one that made me chuckle (and proud) from Zoiksonline:

Adam responds to remarks made by AI producer Ken Warwick at Here’s another one from EW (also kinda funny):

People Magazine had this to say about the evening: LOVE this quickie from Time:

The Los Angeles Times’ Idol Tracker got the scoop directly from the Glam-horses mouth. Adam reveals his concert tour will start in June- wheee!! And from the grande dame of Adam lovers over at the LA Times, Ann Powers:

More from the NY Daily News: and from Buddy TV (comparing Adam to Elvis!):

From fellow bloggers over at Adam Lambert Official unofficial:

There is more, much more out there. But most of it is repetitive and not very original, so I’ll spare you, GlamFans. If you find anything else that I’ve missed worth printing, let me know. And don’t forget to tune into American Idol tonight on Fox to see Adam perform a song (or two??)!




Did the Idols Give Adam Lambert a Migraine?

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From Missy5around Twitpic

Let’s hope not!! Adam Lambert flew into Las Vegas Saturday, April 10th to mentor the remaining Season 9 American Idol contestants for “Elvis Week”. The Los Angeles Times reported: 

“Idol” effects? Here’s hoping this doesn’t foretell anything about this week’s “American Idol” performances: After mentoring the remaining contestants in Las Vegas on Saturday, Adam Lambert was planning to catch a show by Muse at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. But he apparently never made it to the show. After returning to Los Angeles on Sunday, he explained via Twitter: “so embarrassing re MUSE: I had such a [migraine] by the end of the day that I had to skip concert & go to bed early! Was so bummed. Someday…” Hmmm, ouch… 

ET Canada interviewed Adam at River Rock this weekend. Here’s what he had to say about mentoring (from YouTube’s glamfan2010): writes about how Adam Lambert can mentor the Season 9 American Idols: 

Lucky Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal got to tag along during Adam’s stint with the Idols. Here’s his take on the day:–finalists-keep-busy-in-las-vegas-90560254.html  

Here’s what some of the Idols themselves tweeted about Adam: 

“Tim Urban: It was so cool meeting Adam lambert! He’s such a great guy! He was a really cool mentor for this week!” 

“Katie Stevens: Ford shoot today!! Yayyyy I’m so excited for this week! Adam was incredible! I love you all!!” 

“Casey James: It was great meeting Adam Lambert! He is really nice. It was awesome to talk with someone that has…” 

And if I have one piece of advice for the Idols, I’d tell them to watch this….this is how it’s done, people…feel it body, mind and soul!! 



Rock Star

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I gotta tell ya, Glamfans, I get so excited to open my email in-box every day to see all the fantastical Adam Lambert news and pictures! Today was by far no exception!!

From The Gossip Girls, tons of rockin’ pictures of our boy Adam (including the one above) entering the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles yesterday for his AMA rehearsals. Check ’em out: Does Adam not look like the ULTIMATE rock star in these photos??? 

From Limelight, photos of Mr. Lambert at his AMA rehearsals looking so fine: !!! This is like watching fireworks, people…going off everywhere, I don’t know where to look first!!!

Lucky Margaret Wappler from Los Angeles Times got to sit in on a bit of those rehearsals and had this to say: “A Lambert performance, we were reminded, is not a place for demure displays of postmodern dance. As for the panther himself, he took a few leisurely leaps to various levels of scaffolding, singing into a phantom mic and writhing with whatever dancer was around. On the top level of the scaffolding, a band of indeterminate numbers played keyboards, a flying V guitar and other gadgets, all of which collude to formulate the glam-rock pyramid that Lambert mightily prays to on a seemingly daily basis.” Hee, hee hee! I’m getting giddy here! Here’s the rest of the article: Fantabulous!

And from MJ’s Big Blog, rehearsal footage from Adam’s upcoming music video For Your Entertainment from Access Hollywood and YouTube: !! AAArgh! I’m goin’ crazy here- yummy!!!

One last final note…from me to Adam (and I’m sure gazillions of devoted fans feel the same way)…

I’m sure you’re feeling a bit of pressure about your upcoming AMA performance, the release of your new album, your new found fame etc, etc. No matter what happens, you will always have a huge fan in me.  You’ve already given me so much more joy than you can possibly imagine, and I will be forever grateful for that. Break a leg up there on Sunday, and know that I (we) will be watching with love in my heart and a HUGE smile on my face!!!!

Loving Hugs,


Cool Reviews

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Some excitingly great reviews of Adam Lambert’s new album For Your Entertainment came my way within the past couple of days!

Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times writes: “The first single and title track from Adam Lambert’s soon-to-be-dropped debut album couldn’t be more of an announcement. “For Your Entertainment” strides into the room, snaps its fingers and declares 2010 the year of Our Gorgeously Airbrushed Overlord.”

Read the rest of her review here at

From Entertainment Weekly, a B+ review (I’ll take it on a freshman album!!):,,20320921,00.html!

From the Associated Press: “Review- Finally a True Idol Emerges in Lambert” at!!

From the Houston Chronicle, “Adam Lambert Provides Fun, Fierce Entertainment” at!!!

And finally, not a review, but very funny…Is Adam ticklish?? An adorable article from MTV’s Jim Cantiello (love him- includes VIDEO of Adam):



Adam Lambert Cool

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Adam Lambert Out And About

Found a great article about Adam Lambert courtesy of Adam’s Facebook page links. Written by Ann Powers for the Los Angeles Times, we get a real taste of Adam’s personality (cool, calm and eclectic) from this piece. Here’s a bit of the article:

“I want to put it out there that I don’t take myself all that seriously,” he [Adam] said. That’s one of his mantras. “The dress-up supports that; the fantasy element supports it. People want to talk about whether I have rock cred, whether I’m selling out, the theatricality, the gay stuff. . . . Chill out! And just enjoy yourself. It’s not that deep.”

Then he corrected himself, slightly. “Sometimes it is deep. Some of the songs on the album are,” he admitted, pointing to the song “Soaked,” a sweeping epic about the loneliness of one-night stands that’s actually a cover of an unreleased track from Muse, and a very serious one at that. He also singled out “Broken Open,” a ballad he co-wrote, which he said is about encouraging a lover to become vulnerable enough to cry.

“But sometimes it’s just, ‘This is hot, I feel good, this song makes me want to go get a drink and flirt with somebody and have a good time.’ Good energy is just as credible as the cathartic, dark, heavy” stuff, he said. “It’s just as important!”

This might be the most exciting message Lambert carries forward into one of the most intensely observed major label debuts in recent pop history. He’s reminding America that rock music can be joyful, light-spirited and sublimely silly, just as pop can explore serious subjects beyond the call to hit the dance floor. And that a rock star might also like to dance.”

Read the rest at,0,6244120.story.

(Picture above found on See more pics of Adam at a concert in Los Angeles last night at their website:

Have I told you that I love this man???