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Adam Lambert’s Zurich Showcase (Plus Some)

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It was a dark and rainy afternoon at a small bar in Zürich,  Switzerland. About 20 lucky fans were serenaded by the beautiful Adam Lambert. Does it get ANY better than that?? Thanks to a couple of those wonderful fans we are able to take a peek into this amazing acoustic showcase (thanks SwissMinion!):

Gotta absolutely love Adam’s banter with the audience in this next one. He had ’em gigglin’ like schoolgirls!! The music changed the mood immediately from silly to sexy- yum!! The band sounded fantastic!

The lovely Broken Open:

No words to sufficiently describe Sleepwalker (thanks, fabulousClaudia):

And Adam’s haunting version of Mad World:

Lots of great pics from the evening (including the one above) at

And please check out these amazing shots (great slideshow w/ many pics from the event):

In other news, here’s Mr. Lambert’s appearance on the 5:19 show (yes, he is the wolf!!):

More news and interviews from Finland: 

Adam applies makeup to a Swedish reporter here (could YOU sit calmly while he was staring you straight in the eye and had his hands on you for that long????):

Finally, if you have not seen the following pictures posted by Glambertize on twitpic, you absolutely MUST:




Did the Idols Give Adam Lambert a Migraine?

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From Missy5around Twitpic

Let’s hope not!! Adam Lambert flew into Las Vegas Saturday, April 10th to mentor the remaining Season 9 American Idol contestants for “Elvis Week”. The Los Angeles Times reported: 

“Idol” effects? Here’s hoping this doesn’t foretell anything about this week’s “American Idol” performances: After mentoring the remaining contestants in Las Vegas on Saturday, Adam Lambert was planning to catch a show by Muse at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. But he apparently never made it to the show. After returning to Los Angeles on Sunday, he explained via Twitter: “so embarrassing re MUSE: I had such a [migraine] by the end of the day that I had to skip concert & go to bed early! Was so bummed. Someday…” Hmmm, ouch… 

ET Canada interviewed Adam at River Rock this weekend. Here’s what he had to say about mentoring (from YouTube’s glamfan2010): writes about how Adam Lambert can mentor the Season 9 American Idols: 

Lucky Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal got to tag along during Adam’s stint with the Idols. Here’s his take on the day:–finalists-keep-busy-in-las-vegas-90560254.html  

Here’s what some of the Idols themselves tweeted about Adam: 

“Tim Urban: It was so cool meeting Adam lambert! He’s such a great guy! He was a really cool mentor for this week!” 

“Katie Stevens: Ford shoot today!! Yayyyy I’m so excited for this week! Adam was incredible! I love you all!!” 

“Casey James: It was great meeting Adam Lambert! He is really nice. It was awesome to talk with someone that has…” 

And if I have one piece of advice for the Idols, I’d tell them to watch this….this is how it’s done, people…feel it body, mind and soul!! 



Adam’s Singapore Fling!

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 From Adam Lambert’s performance at Universal Studios Singapore (credit sandflwer and angelfireluv81 on YouTube):

Mad World:

Whataya Want From Me:

Down The Rabbit Hole:

Here are some pics before the event:

And an article “Wham, Bam Glam” written by Genevieve Loh:



Back Rub and a Beer

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The picture of Adam Lambert above was taken at Sydney’s Mardi Gras VIP party. Yowee!

On March 8th Adam performed an acoustic version of Mad World at Marble Bar in Sydney. Longineau played the bongos and Monte rocked it out on guitar. So, so hot:

Yeowch! That ending hurt. I want more!! But here are some pictures taken at the event courtesy of NOVA FM that might take the sting out of that abrupt ending:

Adam appeared on Australia’s Sunrise and sang a hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of Whataya Want From Me:

I could be woken up that way every day, couldn’t you??

And an interview from Sydney’s “Ant and Becks Show” on MIX 106.5:

This next link brings you to a video of Adam talking about his recent trip to New York:

And some fabulous chart news: Whataya Want From Me is now #1 on Canada’s Much Music Countdown and #1 in Pop on Amazon Japan! Whoo hoo!

Our BB is on the move again- news from Melbourne tomorrow!



Heat It Up!!

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It’s positively arctic-like here in the northeast, and I absolutely hate the cold. To remedy the problem, I blasted Adam Lambert’s Fever off his album For Your Entertainment when I got in my car this morning!! In no time at all I heated up, began sweating actually, singing and groovin’ to the music, loving every minute (my seat warmer was on high and I had the heat turned to 90 degrees, but I’m sure it was the music that really got me going)!  Whenever I put Adam’s music on my mood brightens!!  Listen to Fever here (or better yet, buy it!!!):

I hope you’ve been watching the reruns of American Idol Season 8 on the Fox Reality Channel (you can find info at! So fun, I just love seeing Adam perform again…I even love just seeing him in the audience when others are singing!

Here are a couple of YouTube videos of Adam’s performances from AI’s Season 8 Hollywood Week that put a smile on my face:

His performance of Michael Jackson’s Black or White shown last night blew everyone away. He looked so adorable standing there while the judges showered him with well deserved accolades.  

Here’s Black or White from YouTube, turn it up!!!

(The original live versions of these videos have been removed- hope you still enjoy the vids I replaced them with!!!)

And how’s this for cool: Time Magazine named Adam’s version of Mad World on AI the #10 song on their “Top Ten of Everything 2009” list! Check it out here at,28804,1945379_1944027_1944052,00.html. I adored this song on the show, and his concert version was epic!!

Here’s an incredible review from Rock Star Weekly of Adam’s performance on New Year’s Eve at Paramount Studio’s Gridlock event: Wow, so well written makes me feel as if I was there!

 Don’t forget to watch the People’s Choice Awards tonight starting at 7:30 EST on CBS. Adam’s nominated for Favorite Breakout Music Artist. They’ll be streaming live from the red carpet and backstage at Go Adam!!

Hugs and Kisses,