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Happy Valentines Day, GlamFans!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , on February 14, 2010 by Claudia


Happy Valentines Day, GlamFans!! Got my newest fuel injection of Adam Lambert the other night at the “Rock My Town” concert! That man is like a drug to me! Don’t need pills, alcohol or cocaine to make me feel better about life. Just gimme a little Lambert every once in a while and I’m good to go for the next few months!! Only a couple hours of sleep since Friday, but my house and car are now clean, I look and feel better, hubby and kids are happy…life is gooood!!

I want to give a big shout out to everyone who I met Friday night, and to the new readers of my blog!! I had such a great time at the concert (can you tell???) and met some really cool Adam fan(atic)s there!

Alright, enough of that, now down to business! Took the above pic from an article about Adam Lambert’s night out after he left the “Rock My Town” concert. Read about it at

There is lots of info about the VH1 taping of Adam’s songs over at MJ’s: Love those tweets! And THIS little gem from Live Journal via Idol Forums: Thanks so much to the person who wrote it- what detail…felt like I was right there (so jealous)!!!

And I finally got to watch Adam’s AOL sessions- WOW- Pure, simple, fabulous. Check them out if you haven’t already!




Adam Lambert Holiday Happenings!

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The holiday season is brimming with good tidings and great joy for all of us Adam Lambert fans! The internet and airways are swelling with goodies- juicy Lambert tidbits, top rankings and Adam-licious sightings!! MJ’s Big Blog reports about Adam’s filming his “Whataya Want From Me” video yesterday. The article includes fan updates, videos, and pictures at

Entertainment Weekly has an article about Adam’s upcoming appearance on Jay Leno tonight, December 21st (includes the hilarious “Fun With Mistletoe” skit). You can find it at

Still more great Adam Lambert news: Adam was ranked No. 3 on the MTV News list of Men of the Year. In People magazine’s edition of “Best and Worst of 2009,” he ranks No. 10 on the list of “Most Googled Celebrities,”  and Adam is ranked No. 8 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of Entertainers of the Year. Whoohoo!!

The steaming hot picture above comes from EW’s newly published article on Mr. Lambert. Enjoy more of the ultra-sexy pics at:,,20312226_20331355,00.html.

Don’t forget to watch our boy on Jay Leno tonight- 10:00 PM EST!!



Adam At VEVO Launch

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , , on December 9, 2009 by Claudia

First, sendin’ ya over to MJ’s for a great article (with video) about Adam Lambert’s appearance at the VEVO launch party:

MTV has a bit of an article and video from the VEVO red carpet. Here Adam reacts to Eminem’s song “Elevator”:

Don’t forget to watch our man tonight on Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 on ABC at 10:00PM EST, and on The View tomorrow at 11:00AM EST (check local listings for airing times in your area).