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Adam Lambert’s Zurich Showcase (Plus Some)

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It was a dark and rainy afternoon at a small bar in Zürich,  Switzerland. About 20 lucky fans were serenaded by the beautiful Adam Lambert. Does it get ANY better than that?? Thanks to a couple of those wonderful fans we are able to take a peek into this amazing acoustic showcase (thanks SwissMinion!):

Gotta absolutely love Adam’s banter with the audience in this next one. He had ’em gigglin’ like schoolgirls!! The music changed the mood immediately from silly to sexy- yum!! The band sounded fantastic!

The lovely Broken Open:

No words to sufficiently describe Sleepwalker (thanks, fabulousClaudia):

And Adam’s haunting version of Mad World:

Lots of great pics from the evening (including the one above) at

And please check out these amazing shots (great slideshow w/ many pics from the event):

In other news, here’s Mr. Lambert’s appearance on the 5:19 show (yes, he is the wolf!!):

More news and interviews from Finland: 

Adam applies makeup to a Swedish reporter here (could YOU sit calmly while he was staring you straight in the eye and had his hands on you for that long????):

Finally, if you have not seen the following pictures posted by Glambertize on twitpic, you absolutely MUST:




Adam Lambert Heats Up GLAAD Awards!

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Adam Lambert ROCKED the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday, April 17th. He sang Music Again and FEVER(!!!), and got a standing ovation at the end of his performance! Here a video of his performance from YouTube’s Libracats (low quality, hopefully I will find a higher quality vid later):

More from Libracats (red carpet) here:

Keep checking (GLAAD’s YouTube channel) for videos of Adam’s performance.

You can find some great pics at Neon Limelight: and from Just Jared: Ninni put together an awesome collection of pics from the evening here: and here:

Radar Online posted a video interview: Here’s another video interview from Zap2It on the red carpet:

More Later!!



Adam Lambert at Fantasy Springs!

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Adam Lambert appeared  at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California February 27th. Saw the concert live on UStream last night…epic!! Thanks so much to Coral Mermaid for filming it live for us!!! I know how hard it is to hold a camera and watch Mr. Lambert perform live without shaking, screaming, etc. I truly appreciate her effort!

Adam looked absolutely gorgeous with blue feathers in his hair, a sexy top that shook when he moved and a bodysuit that hugged him in all the right parts! But before we get to the concert, Adam met his oldest fan Isabelle Paquette (this is doubly touching, as fans raised money for her to be there):

The following AWESOME videos came from SUZ562 of Planet Fierce (yay SUZ- great job!).

First, an amazingly yummy acoustic version of Whole Lotta Love!!:

Next, Adam in a fedora and peacock feathers (thud!) singing my personal fav, Fever:

I adore this next song, Broken Open sang acoustically. A hauntingly beautiful version, man can the boy saaang or WHAT????

And yes, GlamFans, you are seeing LASERS here in this heart-thumpingly hot version of For Your Entertainment:

Next, If I Had You (check out Tommy’s blonde hairrr)!

Here’s Strut, mmmm, thanks Kara! This song suits Adam so well!

Sure Fire Winners:

And an acoustic version of Whataya Want From Me:

Adam gets the audience going with Music Again:

Finally,  Sleepwalker:

Check out SUZ526’s YouTube page at

More Later!



Blueberries and Champagne

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Catchin’ up on some recent Adam Lambert news:

From VH1 a new interview with Jim Shear:

From an MTV fashion interview, Adam talks about wanting to wear Gareth Pugh’s striking clothing on tour:

Great FOX5 News video from Blonds Fashion show:

A video interview from Slice.CA I hadn’t seen (done waaay back at the end of January!) courtesy of COOGI2G: Part 2:

Another oldie but goodie I hadn’t seen from New York Magazine last week (teehee- love that Chase, too!):

My favorite quote of the week about Mr. Lambert comes from Sarah Barber of the Boise Weekly Blog Group. Referring to Adam’s voice in Music Again she writes : “Lambert hits falsettos that would make Marian Carey jealous.” Read the rest at Adam will be back on Jay Leno singing Music Again on March 2, 2010!

My second favorite quote of the week comes from Ke$ha as she describes kissing Adam, “He tasted like blueberries and champagne.”  Read more at:



Adam Lambert on the CBS Early Show Part 2

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Here is Adam Lambert singing on CBS’s Early Show this morning, November 25th. Held my breath for the first few seconds, and then started to cry with joy!! Absolutely magnificent!!!

Absolutely fantabulous!

Loving Hugs,