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Adam Lambert Goes Platinum, Is Named One of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People (And Gives Germany a Good Morning!)!!

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Adam Lambert’s song Whataya Want From Me went platinum in the USA on Wednesday, April 28th! I couldn’t be prouder! He’s worked so hard for this…well done, Adam!!

Mr. Lambert was named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People (yes, he certainly is!!). The magazine will be on sale in the US on Friday. Here’s a sneak-peek scan from whimsicalspirit on twitter: And here’s the photo shoot video:

Adam continued his international promotions tour in Germany today, April 29th. He appeared on the German morning show ARD MorgenMagazin. Here’s a YouTube video of his appearance, Adam performed Whataya Want From Me on the show:

Adam and the band arrived safely in Berlin today. Enjoy this link to a German fan site for your reading pleasure: .

Last (but not least!), Rock Star Weekly wrote an amazing review of Adam’s recent concert at London’s Heaven nightclub (warning: annoying ad over copy!):

More to come!!




Adam Lambert- Golden Boy!!

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With Tommy on Vacation In Mexico

Adam Lambert’s album For Your Entertainment went gold as it surpassed the 500,000 mark of albums sold this week!!! He is the first American Idol Season 8 contestant to do so, and I couldn’t be prouder of our boy!! He (and his team) worked incredibly hard to get to this point and this week got a well deserved few days of rest (rumoured to be in Mexico).

A recent article from Rock Star Weekly focuses on Adam’s talent both as an artist and as a gay man in today’s culture. Read it here: The article references a song entitled “Glamorize” that Adam penned himself. Here’s a YouTube video of the song:

And finally, here is a link to some vacation pics from a post at Adam Official- make me smile!!

Tune into Extra tomorrow on NBC to see Adam supposedly make a special announcement. And I can’t wait to bring you info about the “Rock My Town” concert in NYC Friday! Hopefully I’ll have some pics and video!



Isn’t He (Still) Lovely!

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All righty then, listening to Scarlett Cherry while writing this post…Adam Lambert tweeted that we fans should check her out, so check her out I did!! Smooth, lovely music. So calming. You can enjoy her too at

Speaking of lovely, Adam was out supporting his friends Alisan Porter and Ferris Alqaisi this weekend. You can find some great pictures (including the one above) of him and his pals here:

I was thinking this morning that I haven’t written about Adam’s fantastic band (’cause it’s all about the music, of course!!) and so I did a little diggin’. The Mr. L website has a great writeup about the members of Adam’s band- hadn’t seen this before: Loads of talent there- wouldn’t want it any other way!!!

Don’t forget to watch Adam on FUSE TV’s “Idol All Star Takeover” tonight if you get it. Go to their website for more information. Watch it on the web at later.

And this just in from Rock Star Weekly: Adam’s Whataya Want From Me  music video is due out this Friday morning on VH1. Much more info (including video of the filming) at Yipee!!! Gotta go- somebody’s crying downstairs!



Heat It Up!!

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It’s positively arctic-like here in the northeast, and I absolutely hate the cold. To remedy the problem, I blasted Adam Lambert’s Fever off his album For Your Entertainment when I got in my car this morning!! In no time at all I heated up, began sweating actually, singing and groovin’ to the music, loving every minute (my seat warmer was on high and I had the heat turned to 90 degrees, but I’m sure it was the music that really got me going)!  Whenever I put Adam’s music on my mood brightens!!  Listen to Fever here (or better yet, buy it!!!):

I hope you’ve been watching the reruns of American Idol Season 8 on the Fox Reality Channel (you can find info at! So fun, I just love seeing Adam perform again…I even love just seeing him in the audience when others are singing!

Here are a couple of YouTube videos of Adam’s performances from AI’s Season 8 Hollywood Week that put a smile on my face:

His performance of Michael Jackson’s Black or White shown last night blew everyone away. He looked so adorable standing there while the judges showered him with well deserved accolades.  

Here’s Black or White from YouTube, turn it up!!!

(The original live versions of these videos have been removed- hope you still enjoy the vids I replaced them with!!!)

And how’s this for cool: Time Magazine named Adam’s version of Mad World on AI the #10 song on their “Top Ten of Everything 2009” list! Check it out here at,28804,1945379_1944027_1944052,00.html. I adored this song on the show, and his concert version was epic!!

Here’s an incredible review from Rock Star Weekly of Adam’s performance on New Year’s Eve at Paramount Studio’s Gridlock event: Wow, so well written makes me feel as if I was there!

 Don’t forget to watch the People’s Choice Awards tonight starting at 7:30 EST on CBS. Adam’s nominated for Favorite Breakout Music Artist. They’ll be streaming live from the red carpet and backstage at Go Adam!!

Hugs and Kisses,


Adam Lambert Holiday Happenings!

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The holiday season is brimming with good tidings and great joy for all of us Adam Lambert fans! The internet and airways are swelling with goodies- juicy Lambert tidbits, top rankings and Adam-licious sightings!! MJ’s Big Blog reports about Adam’s filming his “Whataya Want From Me” video yesterday. The article includes fan updates, videos, and pictures at

Entertainment Weekly has an article about Adam’s upcoming appearance on Jay Leno tonight, December 21st (includes the hilarious “Fun With Mistletoe” skit). You can find it at

Still more great Adam Lambert news: Adam was ranked No. 3 on the MTV News list of Men of the Year. In People magazine’s edition of “Best and Worst of 2009,” he ranks No. 10 on the list of “Most Googled Celebrities,”  and Adam is ranked No. 8 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of Entertainers of the Year. Whoohoo!!

The steaming hot picture above comes from EW’s newly published article on Mr. Lambert. Enjoy more of the ultra-sexy pics at:,,20312226_20331355,00.html.

Don’t forget to watch our boy on Jay Leno tonight- 10:00 PM EST!!



Counting the Days!!!

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Sheesh- a girl can’t take a couple of days off without having her in-box filled to the brim with Adam Lambert news and info (wouldn’t want it any other way)!! I’ve got some serious catchin’ up to do!!


First, Adam’s album For Your Entertainment is #1 on the itunes pop charts- whoohoo!! Adam tweeted his fans, “Thank you all for making my album #1 on the itunes pop chart and #10 in general music. I’m so thrilled you all want to hear it!!!” CAN! NOT! WAIT! The album comes out on November 23rd and you can now order it on itunes at (whoa!)

Also, DON’T forget to vote for Adam as “Favorite Breakout Artist” at the People’s Choice Awards here at! We can make this happen GlamFans!!!

Next, (although by the amount of hits this has gotten on YouTube, you might have seen this already!) here’s the Lady Gaga demo of “Fever” to be on Adam’s album For Your Entertainment– very hot and gonna be a Lambert hit!!:

Several  articles about Mr. Lambert and For You Entertainment came out within the past couple of days. I’ll just list the links here so you can browse through them when you can:

From Entertainment Weekly:  From Rock Star Weekly: From MTV: From the New York Post: This  is great from Pop Star about Adam Lambert replacing Steven Tyler of Aerosmith:!

Oooo- and here’s a good one… Ryan Seacrest wants to bring Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Allison Araheta to YOUR TOWN! Here’s the link to vote: Wouldn’t that be fun!!

OK, I think I’m done (for now!)…can’t wait for more!! Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter (link on the right side of this page) to get your Adam updates as soon as I publish them!!! I also added a couple of new links you can access on the right side of this page as well- check them out!

Hugs and Kisses!


Star Tracks and Behind the Scenes!

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Rock Star Weekly lists the tracks on Adam Lambert’s upcoming album For Your Entertainment in an article entitled  “Adam Lambert Tracks Chosen From 28 Songs.” Among the confirmed song titles include Music Again, Winners  and Entertainment. The article also contains the official Time For Miracles press release from 19 Entertainment and Columbia Records. Read the entire article here at


Taken From Adamofficial

And go on the set with Adam on his “Time For Miracles” video shoot at Dish of Salt!!! Here it is: