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Makin’ Out With Adam Lambert

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From Fox News (of all places…giggle), Adam Lambert admits: “When I was 14 yes, I had a girlfriend. She was 18 and her name was BJ and she was from Compton. Can you imagine this little red head kid and a big black girl? She taught me how to make out.”

Love it!!! Read the rest at

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Reader’s Poll  named Adam Top Artist of 2009!! Way to go people! See it here at !

And more good news for our boy, according to MJ’s Big Blog, Adam’s For Your Entertainment video hit #1 on iTunes yesterday! Whoohoo!!

Don’t forget, you have two more days to vote for Ryan Seacrest’s “Rock My Town” contest to see Adam, Kris Allen and Allison Araheta perform a concert in your town. NYC is in the lead right now, with Little Rock and Los Angeles following. Vote at

Finally, don’t forget to watch Adam live tonight on the So You Think You Can Dance finale!! The show is on Fox at 8:00pm EST.




In Adam’s Words

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I thought it would be fun to post some quotes made by Adam Lambert from recent articles from various sources.

“You seem so at ease with fame. What do you attribute that to?

“I think it helps that that I’ve lived in L.A. for the last eight years and I’m a little older. I’m 27, seen a lot of s—, met a lot of people. I’ve certainly been on the sidelines of paparazzi barrages, like, I’ve been out at a club with various reality show acquaintances and they get that kind of attention. So I’ve been near it, which helps me not to be thrown off by it. My M.O. is just do what you do and don’t feel like you have to make apologies for it. I’m sure there will come a point when I have to apologize for something, but not yet.””

This is from a Wall Street Journal blog posted by Michelle Kung. Read the rest at

From Rolling Stone (so many things in this article I loved, but here’s one of my favorite quotes):

“People criticized your album cover for its theatrical camp, but you’d argue that’s actually where a lot of pop music is heading, correct?
“I think that especially right now in the pop scene, theatricality is definitely back. Look at artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, for example, two very kitschy, tongue in cheek artists. Even people like Rihanna, it’s very theatrical, it’s very dramatic, it’s very fashion. All that’s happening, and people like Madonna have been doing it for years, and Michael Jackson was the master of it. I just think that people want that again. I was fortunate that I got picked for Idol and people liked it, because that was the kind of music I wanted to do, add more presentation to it, a little more showmanship, not just about the voice.””

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And from E Online:

“If anybody watched the show, they’ll know that we’re [Lambert and Kris Allen] like apples and oranges,” Lambert said. “That’s part of the reason we got along so well. It felt like we were comrades in this competition and this experience. And I feel like we still are.” Lambert’s CD, For Your Entertainment, is due out on Nov. 23, just days after Allen’s self-titled debut. Lambert still has to complete the video for his first single. “It’s going to be pretty sexy,” he said. “Get ready.” Just how sexy? “I’ll be dressed,” Lambert said, “but there will probably be some people that are pretty sexy—yeah!”

Double yeah. Read the rest of this at

And last (for today!), an open and honest interview with Adam from YouTube:

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I Need Some Hot Stuff

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According to (by way of MJ’s Big Blog by way of Rolling Stone), Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo co-wrote a newly added tune on Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment album called “Pick U Up.” Cuomo tweeted “Adam fans will love it.”

Of course we will, Rivers!! We love everything Adam does!! This should be an especially fun song- can’t wait to hear it! You can read the rest of the article at MJ’s Big Blog to see the entire updated track list plus details about each song on Adam’s upcoming album at:

Here’s another pic of Adam partying it up on Halloween:


Found this at a site with lots of pics of Adam on Halloween at Have fun looking!!

And finally, if you’re an Adam fan and unless you’ve been under a rock for the past day or two, of course you’ve heard about the rumoured break up between Adam and Drake Labry. This is on every web site on the net, and my husband even heard about it on his way to work this morning on WCBS Radio 660 (a major news radio program out of NYC!)! Never nice to hear stuff like this, wish them both the best going their separate ways.



Are you Ready, GlamFans???

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adamlambert_foryourentertainment_cover_smHang on tight, GlamFan! Fierce. Bold. Gorgeous. Intergalactic. Campy. Sick! Adam Lambert’s new album cover to For Your Entertainment is glammy- in-your-face-space-aged fun! The cover (and hopefully the music to come) is all Adam promised us- a flashback to the late 70’s/early 80’s glam rock, hot androgyny with a modern edge! Love it!! 

Rolling Stone weighs in on the cover, saying “From his bright blue hair to For Your Entertainment’s straight-off-Purple Rain font, this album looks like it’ll live up to Lambert’s Twitter promise that “Glam is back!!!”” Read the rest of this article at

Entertainment Weekly writes: “Glam is back. Unicorns are real. And boring people are going to be zapped with giant lasers and turned immediately to dust” and “The suggestion of nudity in this photo is going to make [my mom] a lot of Adam fans go weak in the knees.” Read the rest here:

Perez Hilton tweeted: “Ballsy move! I love it – I hope mainstream America does too!”

Finally, the Wall Street Journal writes, “David Bowie would be proud!”

And as I’ve said before, (and this is really what it’s all about) I can’t wait to hear Adam’s incredible, hot, sexy voice on this new album!! 

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