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Adam Lambert At G.A.Y. London!

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Adam Lambert performed a benefit concert at G.A.Y. in London, April 25th. Proceeds from the show went to Amnesty International (Adam reportedly donated £5000)!  Singing to a wild crowd, he wore a three-piece suit, silver tie, sported pompadour hair and rhinestones around his eyes. He said of his look: “Vegas threw up on me”! The set list included Fever, Down the Rabbit Hole, Strut, Whataya Want From Me, If I Had You and For Your Entertainment. A few videos surfaced on YouTube this morning. Here are the best of the crop so far (from Zanzibar):

Check out for more videos from the show!

More pictures like the one above at:

MJ has some great pics here:

Lots of watermarked pics from Getty Images here:

Some fan pictures from GlamCalam: and from Dorado_Strange:




Adam Lambert at Fantasy Springs!

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Adam Lambert appeared  at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California February 27th. Saw the concert live on UStream last night…epic!! Thanks so much to Coral Mermaid for filming it live for us!!! I know how hard it is to hold a camera and watch Mr. Lambert perform live without shaking, screaming, etc. I truly appreciate her effort!

Adam looked absolutely gorgeous with blue feathers in his hair, a sexy top that shook when he moved and a bodysuit that hugged him in all the right parts! But before we get to the concert, Adam met his oldest fan Isabelle Paquette (this is doubly touching, as fans raised money for her to be there):

The following AWESOME videos came from SUZ562 of Planet Fierce (yay SUZ- great job!).

First, an amazingly yummy acoustic version of Whole Lotta Love!!:

Next, Adam in a fedora and peacock feathers (thud!) singing my personal fav, Fever:

I adore this next song, Broken Open sang acoustically. A hauntingly beautiful version, man can the boy saaang or WHAT????

And yes, GlamFans, you are seeing LASERS here in this heart-thumpingly hot version of For Your Entertainment:

Next, If I Had You (check out Tommy’s blonde hairrr)!

Here’s Strut, mmmm, thanks Kara! This song suits Adam so well!

Sure Fire Winners:

And an acoustic version of Whataya Want From Me:

Adam gets the audience going with Music Again:

Finally,  Sleepwalker:

Check out SUZ526’s YouTube page at

More Later!



Adam Lambert At the Highline

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Adam Lambert performed at the Highline Ballroom last night and I was one of the lucky fans to win a free ticket to this incredible concert! Adam Lambert rocked the cold right off his frozen fans, many of whom waited outside for hours to get into the Highline. Man, what a show! Worth every bit of frostbite I got on my toes!! By the end of his performance I had stripped out of all of my outer layers- talk about hhhotttt!!

A very nice roadie gave me the set list- here it is: Music Again, If I Had You, Whataya Want From Me, Stut, Sure Fire Winners, Soaked, For Your Entertainment, Sleepwalker, Fever, Down the Rabbitt Hole, Whole Lotta Love.  Adam, Allison Araheta and Kris Allen ended the night with Crazy.

Here are some of my videos (more to come!!)…and remember GlamFans, I am not a professional, but I tried my best!! The videos start with Whataya Want From Me:

Here’s Strut:

Here’s a link to Jim Cantiello’s interview with the gang:

More to come!!!!