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Adam At the 2012 Premiere!

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Adam Lambert attended the 2012 premiere last night, November 3rd looking as hot as ever!! Here is a video from YouTube  from the event:

And a couple of adorable pics of our man from the 2012 press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles (all photos including the one above courtesy of

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There are some great pictures of Adam and the jacket he wore at the premiere at Does the man have him some great rocker style or what???

And last (but not least)- couldn’t resist adding this one…Adam plans to do some man huntin’ on tour! Read the full Us Magazine article about his breakup with Drake and his dating plans for the future at! Just keepin’ it real (and fun!!!)! 

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Boo! Adam Lambert News

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Adam Lambert as Glampire!

Happy Day-After-Halloween, GlamFans! Hope you all had a great night! Adam sure did look great as a Glampire, didn’t he??!!

Here’s bit of Adam Lambert news you might have missed while passing out the candy last night!

Wal-Mart’s  “SoundCheck”  has videos and pictures of Allison Araheta, Chris Allen and Adam Lambert during the American Idol tour ( Adam talks about the AI tour and his new album. Watch the video from YouTube here:

Here’s a link to download Adam’s  Time For Miracles  for free legally here: !

And finally, for those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the link to Barnes and Noble to see the entire For Your Entertainment track list

There’s lots of buzz out there about Adam’s new single For Your Entertainment– more on that to come!



Chillin’ In Boca

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So, if you’re following our boy Adam Lambert on Twitter, you know that he was chillin’ in Boca Raton this weekend. Some fans speculated he was there for a party where he performed a few tunes he sang on American Idol. AS SOON AS I find any pictures, I will surely post them HERE!  

Adam also surprised some lucky fans with a twitter frenzy as he seemed to randomly tweet them (either he was feelin’ really good from all the partying in FLA, cleverly marketing himself once again or just being REALLY friendly)! Whatever the reason, the responses these fortunate fans had were hysterical. They are obviously all now swooning in a puddle by the great Glam God’s feet (as they should be I might add)!!!

Another thing we learned from Mr. Lambert’s tweets is that we should be looking for the first single from his forthcoming album For Your Entertainment to debut this week. I’ll keep you posted on this.

BTW, Kim Kardashian tweeted that Adam was on her flight home! Here’s her tweet: “Hey @RyanSeacrest Kris Allen was at the game today & Adam Lambert was on my flight home! Luv American Idol! Can’t wait 4 next season!”

Finally, Michael Jackson’s This Is It premieres on Tuesday. Adam himself has reported that the 2012 trailer (including Time For Miracles) will run at the pre show event before the movie is shown. I’ll try and stay on top of all this, GlamFans!

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Star Tracks and Behind the Scenes!

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Rock Star Weekly lists the tracks on Adam Lambert’s upcoming album For Your Entertainment in an article entitled  “Adam Lambert Tracks Chosen From 28 Songs.” Among the confirmed song titles include Music Again, Winners  and Entertainment. The article also contains the official Time For Miracles press release from 19 Entertainment and Columbia Records. Read the entire article here at


Taken From Adamofficial

And go on the set with Adam on his “Time For Miracles” video shoot at Dish of Salt!!! Here it is:



Thumbs Up!!!

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Jim Cantiello in the flesh here… another great review of Adam Lambert’s Time for Miracles from MTV: 

Awesome!!! Get ready for the Adam tsunami, GlamFans!!!!



TFM Music Video Is Here!

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It’s intense, he’s beautiful…here’s the full version of Adam Lambert’s Time For Miracles music video:

 And here’s the link to order the song on itunes: The link to is

Let’s make it #1!!!!

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Adam On ET!!

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Yipee- here’s our boy Adam Lambert on Entertainment Tonight:

More tomorrow!!!