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Hello GlamFans!! So excited to post and report that I finally met ADAM LAMBERTTTTT!!! Here’s the scoop:

Several friends won tickets to a meet and greet (sponsored by radio station 92 ProFM in Providence) at Aqua, a poolside restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island. Adam was scheduled to perform later that evening at a club called Lupos. I had reservations to stay at the hotel where the pool party meet and greet was being held, so I offered to drive my friends over to the event. I figured I would settle into my room and perhaps get a glimpse of Mr. Lambert as a bonus!! I dropped my friends off, and kind of hung around, hoping to see Adam as he entered the pool area (yes I know, kind of stalkerish!!). As it turns out I got VERY lucky when a kind, compassionate radio station employee graciously saw me sitting there (I had asked if there were any extra tickets to the event earlier and was told no) and allowed me to enter the event…I was going to meet ADAM LAMBERT!!!

My friends (already settled and waiting for Adam to arrive) squealed as I entered the pool area; I  promptly burst into tears! I couldn’t believe this was happening!! We all waited excitedly for the man of the hour, and when he finally arrived to our delight he took a seat about ten feet away from us!!! He looked absolutely gorgeous- much younger than I expected. He was quite casual with a bit of makeup (including his signature black eyeliner- THUD!).

The radio station DJ began by asking Adam some of her own questions, he answered questions from the audience, and then we got to have our picture taken with him!!! When it was my turn I steeled myself, shook his hand (he smelled yummy!!!), told him about my blog, (clumsily handing him a couple of my blog business cards. *Hi Adam, if you’re lurking!!!*). He thanked me, I put my arm around him (and he put his around MEEEE)! Check out our pic together below:

Find the rest of the ProFM pictures here: The experience was the thrill of a lifetime. I won’t ever forget the kindness of the radio station, and Adam- sooo sweet!!!!

Later that evening, Mr. Lambert put on the show of a lifetime…the man was ON FIRE!! There were lots of boys in the front row, and I had a feeling it was going to be epic! I’m going to share one video with you, GlamFans (brace yourselves!). Some of you have probably seen other versions of this song, but I had a unique perspective from my viewpoint in the theater. I give you: 20th Century Boy!!!!

After the concert I spoke to both fans Adam kissed and got their pictures. The boy’s name was Eric, and the girl’s name was Erica!!! See their pics below (heehee!)!

Top picture from

Check out some of my pictures from the show at And please GlamFans, follow me on Twitter at Lots more pics, news, info etc about Adam tweeted throughout the day!!

Next stop: Hyannis- can’t wait!!!

Glitter Hugs!