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Adam Lambert: It’s Showbiz, Honey!!

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Hello GlamFans!

Haven’t blogged in a while (two weeks to be exact). My beautiful mother-in law passed away August 1st, and I needed to take a break for a while. I dedicate this post to her…among her many amazing qualities, she loved to dance to wonderful music, and even in her last days, thought highly of Adam Lambert!! I will miss her dearly…

On with today’s post. Adam did tons of interviews this past week. Here are a few of them:

And if you didn’t see the live stream of Adam’s interview with Q102, you can find parts 1-3 here: Also, pictures from the interview can be found at

So many amazing photos of Adam came out this week, from both pros and regular fans. The TALC ladies are known for their amazing pics and videos. Go to for some great photos (including the one above). LightLoveAdam has been to a few shows on the Glam Nation tour recently and always takes gorgeous shots:

Pro shots from Jane Bush (A.MAZ.ING!!): 

Celebrity Gossip Center has some paparazzi shots of Adam signing autographs for fans: 

And from Just Jared, some more paparazzi shots:

Pics from Adam’s interview at Z104.3:

Blog This Mom writes so wonderfully about her meeting Adam (for the 3rd time!!). Find the link here:– hysterical!! Also, check out this interview from Fest Blog’s  Lehigh Valley Music:

Find some awesome Glam Nation Tour videos at and from TALC: and of course SUZ526:

Well, that’s it for now. Please follow me on Twitter at as I tweet up to the minute info about Adam throughout the day (yeah I know, I’m obsessed!!)!

Please also consider donating to our giving page at your donations go to a very good cause, and would make Adam (and me!) very proud!

Glitter Hugs!!



Did the Idols Give Adam Lambert a Migraine?

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From Missy5around Twitpic

Let’s hope not!! Adam Lambert flew into Las Vegas Saturday, April 10th to mentor the remaining Season 9 American Idol contestants for “Elvis Week”. The Los Angeles Times reported: 

“Idol” effects? Here’s hoping this doesn’t foretell anything about this week’s “American Idol” performances: After mentoring the remaining contestants in Las Vegas on Saturday, Adam Lambert was planning to catch a show by Muse at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. But he apparently never made it to the show. After returning to Los Angeles on Sunday, he explained via Twitter: “so embarrassing re MUSE: I had such a [migraine] by the end of the day that I had to skip concert & go to bed early! Was so bummed. Someday…” Hmmm, ouch… 

ET Canada interviewed Adam at River Rock this weekend. Here’s what he had to say about mentoring (from YouTube’s glamfan2010): writes about how Adam Lambert can mentor the Season 9 American Idols: 

Lucky Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal got to tag along during Adam’s stint with the Idols. Here’s his take on the day:–finalists-keep-busy-in-las-vegas-90560254.html  

Here’s what some of the Idols themselves tweeted about Adam: 

“Tim Urban: It was so cool meeting Adam lambert! He’s such a great guy! He was a really cool mentor for this week!” 

“Katie Stevens: Ford shoot today!! Yayyyy I’m so excited for this week! Adam was incredible! I love you all!!” 

“Casey James: It was great meeting Adam Lambert! He is really nice. It was awesome to talk with someone that has…” 

And if I have one piece of advice for the Idols, I’d tell them to watch this….this is how it’s done, people…feel it body, mind and soul!! 



Adam Lambert, Home Again!

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Wallpaper by Essell


Adam Lambert touched down on American soil Thursday, April 1 to many, many excited fans anxiously awaiting his glittery return!! Twitter was buzzing as fans twatted “#WelcomeHomeAdam” (which trended to #2 at one point) to celebrate his arrival. He is loved by so many, it was wonderful to see all the amazing, heartfelt twats for our boy!!! 

Now, for some GlamFan news: 

A great interview from Stockholm’s “The Voice” here: 

From American Idol , “Idol Gives Back, the historic Emmy Award-winning television event and music celebration has raised more than $140 million to benefit charities around the world and across the United States. The two-hour fundraising event will return to FOX on Wednesday, April 21 at 8/7c. Beneficiaries for this year’s event include Children’s Health Fund, Feeding America, Malaria No More, Save the Children’s U.S. Programs and the United Nations Foundation.” You can find Adam Lambert’s Idol Give Back link at . Please donate in Adam’s name if you can for this worthwhile cause! 

If you want to see our boy this summer, three new tour dates have just been added: 

In Mansfield, Massachusetts at the Comcast Center. Details at 

The Shooting Star Casino in Mahnnomen, Minnesota on June 11: 

And at the Tampa Bay Ray’s Tropicana Field on September 18th:  

Was Adam adopted??? According to his brother Neil, he was…check this out!!: 

Vote for Adam in TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People at,28804,1972075_1972078_1972237,00.html 

Here’s an interview with Bella and Tyra in Sweden: 

You can find more fADAMtabulous wallpapers like the one above at Essell’s website at



A New Direction

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Adam Lambert tweeted on November 30th:  

“Ellen:airing 2m. Singing ‘whatya want from me’! AMA performance was a one time event. Goin in a new direction now. Focus back on the music.”

“Don’t worry friends: I’m still gonna be me. Always. W/o appologies. Just gonna experiment differently w how I present myself.”

“I’m learning. :)”

” And thank you all for your kind and supportive tweets. Means more than you can imagine. It was a looong week. :)”

Yes, baby, it was. For all of us. Gone through a lot of emotions as a fan myself in the past few days. Will always stand by Adam. No one is perfect. We all just need to keep moving onward and upward. To the stars, my man, to the stars…

From Rolling Stone:

Big Hugs,


Chillin’ In Boca

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So, if you’re following our boy Adam Lambert on Twitter, you know that he was chillin’ in Boca Raton this weekend. Some fans speculated he was there for a party where he performed a few tunes he sang on American Idol. AS SOON AS I find any pictures, I will surely post them HERE!  

Adam also surprised some lucky fans with a twitter frenzy as he seemed to randomly tweet them (either he was feelin’ really good from all the partying in FLA, cleverly marketing himself once again or just being REALLY friendly)! Whatever the reason, the responses these fortunate fans had were hysterical. They are obviously all now swooning in a puddle by the great Glam God’s feet (as they should be I might add)!!!

Another thing we learned from Mr. Lambert’s tweets is that we should be looking for the first single from his forthcoming album For Your Entertainment to debut this week. I’ll keep you posted on this.

BTW, Kim Kardashian tweeted that Adam was on her flight home! Here’s her tweet: “Hey @RyanSeacrest Kris Allen was at the game today & Adam Lambert was on my flight home! Luv American Idol! Can’t wait 4 next season!”

Finally, Michael Jackson’s This Is It premieres on Tuesday. Adam himself has reported that the 2012 trailer (including Time For Miracles) will run at the pre show event before the movie is shown. I’ll try and stay on top of all this, GlamFans!

More To Come,


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