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“If I Had You” Video Is Heeere!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , on June 14, 2010 by Claudia

 You can check out Adam Lambert’s new If I Had You music video here:

Canadians can see it here:

Lots of great info and reviews on the video already! Here we go:

Just Jared:

The Hollywood Gossip:



After Elton:

Best Week Ever:


The New York Post:

USA Today:

And I’m sure there’s more to come!!



Screencap picture from the video above courtesy of Adamgasmic.


Normal Is Boring!!

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I say, can Adam Lambert get ANY hotter?? I wish I was that pretty!! The cover of Frontiers in LA Magazine (above) was shot by Adam’s friend, Lee Cherry (bravo, Lee!). Keep an eye out here for more to come- yeehaaa!!

If you are looking for more pictures of Adam, this last weekend in May was picture heaven!!

Here are links to some oh-so-hot photos of our boy: The first are the “outtakes(??)” from Adam’s Flaunt Magazine photo shoot (including the one above): .

These next ones (including above) fall under the “New/Old” category (whatever that means!)!

Check out Adam Lambert’s “Normal Is Boring” at People!,,20294058,00.html .

And here’s a quickie from VH1- he’s our cure for June gloom (although THIS June is anything but as Glam Nation hits the road)!!

And from



Happy Valentines Day, GlamFans!!

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Happy Valentines Day, GlamFans!! Got my newest fuel injection of Adam Lambert the other night at the “Rock My Town” concert! That man is like a drug to me! Don’t need pills, alcohol or cocaine to make me feel better about life. Just gimme a little Lambert every once in a while and I’m good to go for the next few months!! Only a couple hours of sleep since Friday, but my house and car are now clean, I look and feel better, hubby and kids are happy…life is gooood!!

I want to give a big shout out to everyone who I met Friday night, and to the new readers of my blog!! I had such a great time at the concert (can you tell???) and met some really cool Adam fan(atic)s there!

Alright, enough of that, now down to business! Took the above pic from an article about Adam Lambert’s night out after he left the “Rock My Town” concert. Read about it at

There is lots of info about the VH1 taping of Adam’s songs over at MJ’s: Love those tweets! And THIS little gem from Live Journal via Idol Forums: Thanks so much to the person who wrote it- what detail…felt like I was right there (so jealous)!!!

And I finally got to watch Adam’s AOL sessions- WOW- Pure, simple, fabulous. Check them out if you haven’t already!



Lovin’ Adam Lambert Weekend!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , on February 11, 2010 by Claudia

Adam Lambert on Extra NBC:

This Valentine’s weekend will be a busy one for our boy, Adam Lambert! First, there is the “Idols, Rock My Town!” concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Adam will be performing along with Allison Areheta and Kris Allen. On Saturday, Adam will be taping and acoustic concert for VH1, also in New York. Then, is sponsoring a very private concert for some lucky fans on Monday, February 15th! Check out the link here:

Adam’s live performance for AOL sessions is launching tomorrow!! Here’s the link: More information and video at  

Mmmm- another great interview, actually from Malaysian Radio:



Isn’t He (Still) Lovely!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , on January 11, 2010 by Claudia

All righty then, listening to Scarlett Cherry while writing this post…Adam Lambert tweeted that we fans should check her out, so check her out I did!! Smooth, lovely music. So calming. You can enjoy her too at

Speaking of lovely, Adam was out supporting his friends Alisan Porter and Ferris Alqaisi this weekend. You can find some great pictures (including the one above) of him and his pals here:

I was thinking this morning that I haven’t written about Adam’s fantastic band (’cause it’s all about the music, of course!!) and so I did a little diggin’. The Mr. L website has a great writeup about the members of Adam’s band- hadn’t seen this before: Loads of talent there- wouldn’t want it any other way!!!

Don’t forget to watch Adam on FUSE TV’s “Idol All Star Takeover” tonight if you get it. Go to their website for more information. Watch it on the web at later.

And this just in from Rock Star Weekly: Adam’s Whataya Want From Me  music video is due out this Friday morning on VH1. Much more info (including video of the filming) at Yipee!!! Gotta go- somebody’s crying downstairs!