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Adam Lambert Wins MMVA Award!!!!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , on June 21, 2010 by Claudia

 Adam Lambert won Fave International Video at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Canada June 20th!! Congrats to Adam and thanks to the fans for voting (furiously on Twitter last night, I might add!!!)!

Adam entered the red carpet in a slick, white automobile, wearing a black suit and skinny leopard print tie. He looked AMAZING!!:

Lots of Red Carpet pics from TheJadeOptimist on Photobucket at:

Here’s Adam’s performance of Whataya Want From Me during the show:

And Adam WINNING the award for Fave International Video!!

So cute, and he so deserved that!!!! Adam, I feel it- you’re gonna start winning more and more now!!!!

There are some great pics of Adam on stage from Much Music’s website (including the one above):

Adam posing with his award courtesy of Life Magazine (THUD!):

Go to Getty images for tons of great pictures (watermarked) from the event:

And finally Glamfans (my hands are beginning to sweat as I type this!!), I’m seeing Mr. Lambert live TWICE this week!! I’m going to the Nokia and Foxwoods, and can’t wait to share my experiences with you!!! Whahoo!!! Don’t forget, you can donate to our Foxwoods Donors Choose Giving Page, even if you aren’t attending the show (we’ve helped to fund three classroom projects so far- so thrilled about that)!  Go to our Giving Page at for more info!

Hugs AND Kisses!!



Let The Glam Nation Begin!!

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Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour begins tonight in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania!!

VH1 introduced “Posted”; Adam will be giving updates here as he tours the country: “Posted” is explained nicely here:

Here’s the link from WNEP:,0,1736549.story.. More coverage from Adam’s visit to Pennsylvania here:

From the Ralphie Radio Show:

98.5 KRZ has an exclusive listen into Adam’s sound check of Whataya Want From Me at the Kirby Center yesterday: Lots of pics of Adam at KRZ here:

Love this interview done a while back in Preston, UK by Rock FM:

From Donors Choose: “Adam recently asked his fans to support instead of sending him gifts. He has no room to store the gifts as he makes his way across the US this summer, so he would rather his fans dedicate their energies (and their funds) to supporting the arts in public education.

Adam wrote on Twitter: “Instead of giving me gifts, why not donate 2 or other charity in my name? U can print a receipt 4 me and personalize it.” Adam later commented on positive feedback from his Twitter followers: “Yay I’m glad u all like the idea! I love reading your cards and seeing your drawings too, I’m just not going to be able to take them with me.” 

Here’s the Donors Choose page for more info:

Go here for a live USTREAM of Adam’s concert in Wilkes Barre tonight!



Acoustic Whataya Want From Me Berlin

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , on May 18, 2010 by Claudia

I’m taking you in a slightly different direction today, GlamFans. Yesterday’s post was wild and raw; today’s is gentle and tender. Take a listen:


Go to the site for more on Adam Lambert (including a new interview):



To get information about attending our GLAMFEST at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut before Adam’s show there on June 24th, please go to .

Adam Lambert Hand Massage!!

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Before we get to the hand massage, here is new information about Adam’s If I Had You video shoot (and some new concert dates) from MJ: 

Now, Adam Lambert appeared on Live From Studio Five in London on May 10th. He got a lovely hand massage throughout the interview (until he asked the masseuse for his hand back!). Here is a recorded UStream (thanks, lambosessed!): . And a YouTube version here:

Good luck winning the glove (email “Adam Lambert Competition” in the subject line to studio@fivetv )!

A behind the scenes video of Adam’s preparations before his concert at G.A.Y. surfaced today on YouTube:

Adam Lambert Obsession‘s wrote a wonderful review with video about her night with Adam at Heaven in London:

Speaking of Heaven, hey, Adam’s doin’ my job for me!! He tweeted the following for fans’ viewing pleasure (Ninni, WickedHeadRush and FORYOURENTERTAINMENT- you must be thrilled!!): So great to share the stage with my dancers and band!Expanded family!”… Here’s Fever. Brings me so much joy to have my friends onstage w me!”… WWFM on Finland’s Xfactor”…

“Unplugged in Amsterdam:

He’s obviously getting a kick out of watching himself on YouTube!

In other news, here’s a scan of an article about Adam from the Australian magazine “Famous” 



Adam Lambert’s Zurich Showcase (Plus Some)

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It was a dark and rainy afternoon at a small bar in Zürich,  Switzerland. About 20 lucky fans were serenaded by the beautiful Adam Lambert. Does it get ANY better than that?? Thanks to a couple of those wonderful fans we are able to take a peek into this amazing acoustic showcase (thanks SwissMinion!):

Gotta absolutely love Adam’s banter with the audience in this next one. He had ’em gigglin’ like schoolgirls!! The music changed the mood immediately from silly to sexy- yum!! The band sounded fantastic!

The lovely Broken Open:

No words to sufficiently describe Sleepwalker (thanks, fabulousClaudia):

And Adam’s haunting version of Mad World:

Lots of great pics from the evening (including the one above) at

And please check out these amazing shots (great slideshow w/ many pics from the event):

In other news, here’s Mr. Lambert’s appearance on the 5:19 show (yes, he is the wolf!!):

More news and interviews from Finland: 

Adam applies makeup to a Swedish reporter here (could YOU sit calmly while he was staring you straight in the eye and had his hands on you for that long????):

Finally, if you have not seen the following pictures posted by Glambertize on twitpic, you absolutely MUST:



Adam Lambert Has X Factor!

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Lee Cherry

 Adam Lambert appeared on the Finnish version of X Factor May 2nd.

He gave a short interview:

Then sang Whataya Want From Me (fabulous- love the purple tie!!):

Go here for some great screen cap photos of Adam’s performance:, and some from the interview:

Adam also appeared on Dutch television’s X De Leeuw (KimSKE84):

And GlamFans, please (gently) start to request Adam’s new single If I Had You here: and here:, and on your local radio stations as well!!



Adam Lambert Goes Platinum, Is Named One of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People (And Gives Germany a Good Morning!)!!

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Adam Lambert’s song Whataya Want From Me went platinum in the USA on Wednesday, April 28th! I couldn’t be prouder! He’s worked so hard for this…well done, Adam!!

Mr. Lambert was named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People (yes, he certainly is!!). The magazine will be on sale in the US on Friday. Here’s a sneak-peek scan from whimsicalspirit on twitter: And here’s the photo shoot video:

Adam continued his international promotions tour in Germany today, April 29th. He appeared on the German morning show ARD MorgenMagazin. Here’s a YouTube video of his appearance, Adam performed Whataya Want From Me on the show:

Adam and the band arrived safely in Berlin today. Enjoy this link to a German fan site for your reading pleasure: .

Last (but not least!), Rock Star Weekly wrote an amazing review of Adam’s recent concert at London’s Heaven nightclub (warning: annoying ad over copy!):

More to come!!