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The Australian Mardi Gras Affair

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , on March 7, 2010 by Claudia

Adam Lambert was right smack dab in his element at Mardi Gras in Australia on March 6th! He played to a crowd of party-hearty souls, closing the show at 7:45 (ish) in the morning. Revellers had been up all night, and according to tweets and video, seemed ready to welcome our boy with renewed energy, open arms (and open legs??)! As the sun rose, so did the crowd’s enthusiasm. Adam was a vision in his codpiece and spikes. Enjoy!

OK, GlamFans, now brace yourselves. You MUST sit down or hang on to something when you open this next link. Here are some HQ photos from the event courtesy of the Social Lite Life (they got them from Splash News Online) and our BB looks SMOKIN’ HOTTT: Holy schmoly! Think I need to go take a cold shower after seeing those!! 

Find some other pics of his performance from The Adam Lambert Connection at and at Celebrity Gossip

And a cute video from Adam’s appearance at HUM in Sydney. Can’t quite understand how these people can be so calm in his presence! I think I’d be reduced to a blubbering idiot!




Doin’ His Own Thing

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Here’s an Adam Lambert interview with The Hook on YouTube (thanks Joooory!). It was taped while he was in Canada in late January. Adam talks about his training, fashion and his aspirations for the future:

You can find MJ’s report (including video) on Adam’s appearance on Access Hollywood here:

And a bit of Adam Lambert/Sarah Palin news from Popeater (why am I not surprised by this one??):

From SameSame, an article about Adam goin’ down under:

The following article by Shaun Proulx from Xtra Toronto is a touching piece about Adam and Matthew Shepard’s mom, Judy:

And this one from Perez gave me a chuckle (although I don’t think Bill even comes close!):



Lovin’ Adam Lambert Weekend!

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , , on February 11, 2010 by Claudia

Adam Lambert on Extra NBC:

This Valentine’s weekend will be a busy one for our boy, Adam Lambert! First, there is the “Idols, Rock My Town!” concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Adam will be performing along with Allison Areheta and Kris Allen. On Saturday, Adam will be taping and acoustic concert for VH1, also in New York. Then, is sponsoring a very private concert for some lucky fans on Monday, February 15th! Check out the link here:

Adam’s live performance for AOL sessions is launching tomorrow!! Here’s the link: More information and video at  

Mmmm- another great interview, actually from Malaysian Radio:



Adam Lambert Rocks Gridlock Part 2

Posted in Adam Lambert with tags , , , on January 1, 2010 by Claudia

From the Los Angeles Times

More reviews, videos, pictures, etc of Adam Lambert’s New Year’s Eve performance at Paramount Studio’s Gridlock event keep rolling in. Here are some of them: 

From Lyndsey Parker: I just love this woman. Not only does she write wonderfully, but she loves Adam almost as much as I do!! 

I found this link that will keep you busy for a while. All you need to know and more about Adam’s NYE performance:

From the LA Times, first an interview and then a review: and,0,7549429.story 

I couldn’t pass this next one up- “When Lammy Met Pammy” from Celebuzz (why didn’t I think of that??)… hysterical:

And I leave you with a video of Soaked …Adam’s voice is magnificent, touching, beautiful here: 



PS Don’t forget to VOTE for Adam’s For Your Entertainment on VH1’s Video of the Year at and for Z100’s Best New Artist at and Fuse for Favorite Video at!!!

Adam Lambert Rocks Gridlock 2009!!

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Happy 2010, GlamFans! So excited to share the events of last night with you! First, imma give props to Adam Lambert’s brother Neil for broadcasting his big brother’s fabulous Gridlock concert at the Paramount Studios last night!! Good job, Neil! Here’s the link to his videos:

There are lots more links- interviews, other livestreams etc. at MJ’s (including some fabulous fans links in the comments section) at

There are several YouTube videos of the concert as well at misserin21’s channel at

And here are a whole bunch of rockin’ pictures of our man from Getty Images:



PS Don’t forget to VOTE for Adam’s For Your Entertainment on VH1’s Video of the Year at and for Z100’s Best New Artist at and Fuse for Favorite Video at!!!

Let’s Get It Started!!

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Courtesy of People Magazine

Alright GlamFans, I know it’s not 2010 yet (at least here on the east coast of the good ol USA), but I’m ready to go with updated Adam Lambert news, photos, videos, etc!!! Gonna start with a fabulous article from Women’s Day. This interview with Adam’s mom Leila has the awwwwww factor goin’ through the roof!! Makes me love Adam even more! Leila talks about her son as a little boy, her favorite gift from Adam, how her perception of his interaction with fans changed, and her role as mom now. Check it out at

Here are some new pictures posted at on Facebook: Gotta love the blonde!!!

And a post from about the jeans Adam was wearing when he was out getting some pampering in Los Angeles last week at

And I leave you this year with Fever and fireworks…a YouTube tribute video by adamsallrightbyme. Enjoy!!!!!

More about Adam and his late night New Year’s performance at the Gridlock New Year’s Eve celebration at Paramount Studios after midnight!!

MMMMWahh GlamFans!!!!


Parents, Hold On To Your Children!!! :-))

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Parents, hold on to your children!! Adam Lambert just landed at LAX after a whirlwind tour of New York City!! Heehee! Photo courtesy of (more pics there as well).

 These next couple of links PROVE that Adam is OK for kiddies to watch (and listen to)!!

Alvin’s trippin’ off the glitz! My kids particularly love that one!!!!

Here’s an adorable YouTube video to inspire the chillens:

And just a reminder to all those at issue with Mr. Lambert’s AMA performance (and to keep things  in a bit of perspective, ahem Liberty Counsel)…the man helped raise over $247,000 through his “Donor’s Choose” challenge ( supporting school arts programs across the country. Not too shabby, I’d say! A donation to this worthy cause would make a great holiday gift!! Perhaps the Liberty Counsel and their supporters would like to match that amount to truly show their support of America’s children this holiday season!!

America is a beautiful melting pot (OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now)!!

For your ADULT entertainment, Adam gives a play-by-play of  his AMA performance with MTV’s Jim Cantiello  at

And finally, don’t forget to watch Adam on The Ellen DeGeneres Show ( Tuesday, December 1st. Click on “show info” to find out where and when to watch in your area!

Big Hugs,