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Either that’s the sound of me giggling gleefully to myself, or I now have to take several cleansing breaths (as in giving birth) after reading Lyndsey Parker’s Reality Rocks review of Adam Lambert’s new album For Your Entertainment. Lucky Ms. Parker got the opportunity to listen to Adam’s new album at the 19 studios. Her review is smokin’ hot, pantingly exciting (is that a phrase used in the english language??) and she’s gotten me even more excited to hear the end product (if that’s even possible)!! Here’s a bit of a tease from the article:

“Music Again” – Okay, this is the song, also produced by Rob Cavallo, largely responsible for my current lack of coherence or composure. The minute this glammy tour de force forced its way out of the 19 Entertainment office’s speakers, it was so white-hot I was instantly reduced to a puddle of melted spandex and runny eyeliner. A falsetto gang chorus like something off a lost Sweet outtakes album, squalling guitar riffs, pumping “Funkytown” beats…my head was pretty much exploding at this point, but I managed to hold my cranium together long enough to turn to a nearby 19 employee and jokingly state, “This sounds like the Darkness, if the Darkness were remixed.” To which the employee answered, “That’s funny you say that, because this song was actually written by [legendarily unitarded Darkness frontman] Justin Hawkins, and that’s Justin on guitar.”

“Please read that above sentence again closely, people, and allow the full weight of its awesomeness to sink in. Adam Lambert + Justin Hawkins. ADAM LAMBERT + JUSTIN HAWKINS! Best. Collabo. Ever. Two of the most righteously rockin’ and elastically vocal-corded rock gawds of the past 10 years, two of this decade’s lone keepers of the glam-rock flame, together at last. As a diehard Darkness fan, I still believe in a thing called love…and I loved this song so much that at this point in the listening session, what was left of my poor throbbing head exploded, and shards of my caved-in skull went flying in all directions across the 19 office like the debris from a busted piñata. I apologize to the 19 office’s evening cleaning crew in advance. But hey, I could not help it. Let me state this again, just to be clear: Adam Lambert + Justin Hawkins. Such a skull-shatteringly awesome duet even deserves a new name-smash: Hawkbert. Or maybe Lamkins. Yesssssss.”

You can read the rest at Yum, yum! Thanks, Lyndsey!

Next, another teaser (gotta love being teased!) from The Zodiac Show Metamorphosis documentary film in which Adam is set to star (see my post ” Adam Lambert to Star in Zodiac Show Film” for more info about The Zodiac Show and for video of Adam performing there).

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Adam To Star In Zodiac Show Film

Posted in Adam Lambert, Zodiac Show with tags , on September 24, 2009 by Claudia

According to an article posted today in, Adam Lambert is to star in a film entitled The Zodiac Show: Metamorphosis. The movie  is a concert documentary based on a performance from the real Zodiac Show in 2008. Here’s the entire article from Rock StarWeekly:

And some more about Adam at the Zodiac from youtube, here he is belting out A Change Is Gonna Come:

Here is an interview with Adam’s co-stars from the Zodiac about his roots there (clips include Adam), and about his experience on American Idol from their perspective:

It just keeps getting better and better, GlamFans! Hold on to your hats!!!